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The Tajmahal name tells of an unforgettable story of love over the centuries. We aim to provide you with a unique royal meal in south Africa. Tajmahal staff are highly experienced, hardworking and are passionate about their work. We also prepare our meals with freshly ground spices, fresh vegetables, fresh lamb, fresh chicken and of course love, to bring you the perfect Indian meal in the world. Ounce you enjoy a meal at Tajmahal you will remember us in South Africa.

Tajmahal customers will always recommend others when they are in south Africa, Tajmahal have hundreds of customers which are recommended by the old guest, Tajmahal is in the heart of south Africa, where everyone dreams to come and to meet the lovely people in south Africa, Tajmahal is in cape town and Hout bay which is full of beautiful beaches, unforgettable natural views which touch the heart of every visitor and they cannot stop to admire the beauty of South Africa.

Tajmahal goal is to provide the best Indian meals .Tajmahal seafood dishes are highly recommended by the guest, Tajmahal would like to invite you To give us a try and we hope to provide the best meal of your life.


Tajmahal Restaurant was established on 1st September 2010 by Hafiz Muhammad Younus Khan with the intention of providing South African customers with authentic indian Cuisine, specially in the western cape region. Our success is contributed to the passion we have, in providing our customers with a spectacular indian cuisine taste experience. At tajmahal restaurant we dont compromise on quality or service. At tajmahal restaurant we dont serve you as a customer, we serve you as a guest.

Indian Restaurant Cape Town

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44 Victoria Avenue
Hout Bay, Cape town
Phone: 021 790 4711

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